Rainbow Suction Cup Dildos
Rainbow Suction Cup Dildos
Rainbow Suction Cup Dildos

Rainbow Suction Cup Dildos

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Product Description

  • Liquid silicone: has excellent tear strength, elasticity, anti-yellowing, and thermal stability, mainly used in baby products, medical supplies, etc.
  • One-piece waterproof, silky, and seamless: all-inclusive glue technology, there is no gap on the surface of the product, and it can be used in any position in the bathtub.
  • Double-layer technology: soft on the outside and rigid on the inside, comfortable and skin-friendly, the surface layer of this slim dildo is as comfortable as skin, the material density is high, and it is strong and powerful in addition to being stressed.
  • Universal keel: 360° any direction orientation, the non-deformable keel is composed of each solid joint, and support, and adjusts according to preference or posture when inserted.

Design More User-friendly

  • Bullet head: simulated pointed head, completely fill your emptiness and quickly reach orgasm.
  • Straight grip handle: characteristic straight handle design, easy to carry and feel bursting.
  • Suction cup base: No matter where it is, it can meet the needs, and the powerful suction cup can choose multiple angles.


Product Name Silicone Sucker Dildo
Material Liquid Silicone
Size Small-5.11"*2", Medium-6.1"*2.4"
Net Weight Small-3.49oz, Medium-5.14oz

User Manual

  • It can be cleaned and disinfected with clean water before use, and can be used after drying.
  • Insert into the body, push and pull the product with appropriate strength, and control the rhythm by yourself.
  • After use, it can be cleaned with ordinary cleaning solution, washed and dried, and stored in a cool and ventilated place.

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