G-Spot Glass Thruster Butt Plug

G-Spot Glass Thruster Butt Plug

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Product Information

  • High borosilicate glass material is heat-resistant and cold-resistant: It can be placed in ice cubes or boiling water, and the high-quality glass material is not easy to crack and damage, satisfying your passion for ice and fire.
  • Does not contain heavy metal elements, safe and healthy.
  • Exquisite outline design: Clear and smooth, ingenious combination of art and taste, layer upon layer, unable to extricate itself.
  • Easy to clean: Smooth surface, no dust, stains, easy to rinse.
User's Guide
  • Rinse with water and apply lubricant before use.
  • Slowly insert into the anterior or posterior.
  • Rinse with detergent or water afterwards and wipe dry.
  • Put it in a cool place.

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